A Nostr Relay

Nostr.naut.social , but you were ahead of me 🙂


This is a paid relay. As with most relays it’s an experiment in supporting Nostr.

UK BASED RELAY : If you are in the UK, or an English speaking country, you should connect to us.

Purpose – to see what it takes, and costs, to run a relay.

Your payment is a One Off. BUT you should view it as a donation made to support Nostr, not any kind of contractual promise.

One off payments do not cover ongoing costs, so, we will move to regular payments once our experience shows us what is a fair price. That said, probably under 1000sats per week is my best guess. About 20c.

The rules :-

Notes are not moderated, and the only barrier to entry is the fee.

Service is provided as is and may be withdrawn without notice. Make sure you are posting your notes to other servers.

You may report illegal (UK law) material to me, and anyone posting such will be booted. Other than that, run your own block/mute lists.