Nostr Tags

If Clients enable tags, it allows the development of relays that accept or ignore notes on the basis of tags.

I think the ability is in the protocol and NIPS already, but I don’t think I’ve seen it applied.

It will help keep relays useful even if small scale and hobby run. In an attempt to avoid everyone ending up on GoogleNostr.

IGNORE : a relay designed for family friendly use could IGNORE notes that arrive tagged ADULT. A parent could then allow their tween and teens to use such relays, esp if good moderation meant that untagged adult material was booted PDQ.

IGNORE will only ever apply to a few categories explicitly as unless most clients and most users buy in, there would not be consistent enough self declaration by note creators otherwise. But for porn, the main such category, I think that buy-in would be there, certainly sufficient to make moderated for youth use relays a workable service.

ACCEPT and KEEP : relay.gloucester might function as a general unmoderated relay but any notes tagged GLOUCESTER (and not set to expire), get kept for perhaps years as a resource for the people of Gloucester, while others are expired on that relays usual timescales.

ACCEPT ONLY : relay IGNORES all notes that are not tagged with that relay’s desired tag. Obvious case, a special interest hobbyist run relay for, fans of Manchester City Football club. All the people are posting to all their relays as usual, but when they tag MCFC, the relay pays attention and keeps it.

Another case, if Clients are aware of the language of the note, (even if it’s just one declared in settings, so, may not be 100% for multi lingual types) then Relays can read that language tag and limit to the language of their choice by ACCEPT ONLY notes in that language.

For me, while it’s great to see all the Chinese notes, and wish them well in their struggle, I’d rather not, as they get in the way of the notes I can read. And relays will love the reduced load.

This system means that while people have to follow the relays that matter to them, when it comes to “who” they are posting for, they just tag, (and possibly, for language, not even that once set).